Film Distribution is a daunting process

Independent Film Distribution Can Be A Daunting Process

When a major blockbuster movie is coming out, studios invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce movie trailers, advertising and marketing to let you know about the film. However, independent film distribution works much differently. Small organizations have to compete with the huge studios to get awareness of their movies out.

That is why so many independent films don’t make it into theaters. Small companies just don’t have the monetary means to compete with large advertising spend and limited screens for film distribution. Does that mean that independent films aren’t as good as many of the blockbuster films that hit the big screen?

Certainly not. While blockbuster films have bigger budgets and higher-paid actors and actresses, much of what ends up making it to the big screen is the choice of the film companies and not the general public. There are some really great independent films, and many of them end up getting recognized in other ways.

When it comes to independent film distribution, several avenues can include video on demand (digital video for rent or sale online, and DVD release. There are all kinds of options available to independent film distributors, but not all of them fit each film.

Surely you’ve heard about all the independent film festivals held throughout the nation each year. There are plenty of them, and there are some big names attending them as well. Just because a film is an independent film doesn’t mean there aren’t any big name directors, actors or actresses.

Some famous people take on independent films because they want to do a certain project whether or not the film companies think it’s a good idea or not. They have the money, so why not!

What are the different film distribution channels? Currently popular is video on demand because there are all types of different services that make movies digitally accessible. Of course, there is television as well, DVDs, and more.

There are plenty of different ways in which distribution of independent films works out. Distributors must be encouraged to take the right action by negotiating the best deal. If a filmmaker can get an advance from a distributor in order to make a film, this is the absolute best way for things to work out.

This would keep the film distribution company on its toes, wanting to make sure that the film is actually successful, Not only would the distribution company make more money from their investment, but of course this benefits everyone involved.

You can see that the best case scenario plays out somewhat like it would with the major film distribution companies. Distribution and marketing are all too important when it comes to films getting seen, whether it’s on the big screen or not.

Every independent filmmaker best have a marketing plan in place, or the film won’t even get one viewer. Networking with the right outlets for distribution is key to getting the right promotions in place and showing your film to the masses.

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